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Cable Drilling Advantage
The Advantages of
The Cable Tool
Method of
Well Drilling!

Proven... Conservation

Isn't air drilling faster?

    It has been pointed out that cable tool drilling is a slower method of drilling. Ask yourself what kind of quality you are going to end up with over the long haul. Your water well is a long term investment, the depth and quality of that well will determine the frequency and cost of pump and well maintenance in the years ahead. It may be good for you to consider how the hours spent drilling your well now will effect you in the decades to come.

Nothing artificial is added!

Only water will be in your well during the drilling process. No drilling fluids, foams, leaking oils or other matter unrelated to your water, soil and rock formations.

Ask Around

 Talk to people who have had wells drilled before by different methods and see what they might have to tell you. We think you will choose to have your well drilled using the clean, reliable Cable Tool Method.
Why go with the Cable Tool Method?

    In most cases you are going to be charged by the foot of drilled hole, not by the hour. Cable Tool drilling is slower, more gentle method of well drilling, and does little to upset formations surrounding your well. Since no high pressure air or drilling fluid is used in cable tool drilling, there is less chance of porous formations being traumatized, collapsed, clogged or otherwise impaired by debris or excess pressure and motion. Many times cable tool drilling allows wells to fill faster and easier with less depth being necessary.
     Another point: an unnecessarily deeper well will not only cost you more in footage drilled, but also in footage of well casing, electric cable, pump pipe, and possibly a more powerful pump to push the water up the hole, let alone more wear and tear on the pump.

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